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Debt Forgiveness: A radical solution to financial instability?

Debt is an omnipresent reality in modern societies. Whether it is consumer debt, student loans, or government debt, many people and institutions are burdened by it. The burden of debt can have severe consequences for individuals and communities, leading to bankruptcy, homelessness, and even political instability. Debt forgiveness is an

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From the Vanua into the future

Matada Research Group (MRG) Ltd. is a social enterprise specialising in research, consultation and program development with the goal of improving Pacific people’s health and wellbeing.

3 innovative policy solutions to personal debt

This article discusses the pressing issue of debt in New Zealand, particularly among women, Māori/Pacific individuals, and young adults. With high-interest rates and unregulated “buy now pay later” schemes, borrowers can easily fall into a cycle of debt..

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Analysis of rent freezes: who wins, who loses?

Rent freezes are becoming an increasingly popular way for governments to address skyrocketing rental prices. In New Zealand, rent freeze legislation was implemented in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with varying results

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